About SBS Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management

With an aim to demolish unemployment and to provide skilled man power to all the Unanimous Hospitality Sectors plays a vital role in the Vision & success of Our Organization.
We SBS Institute of Hotel Management is well equipped to offer the skills needed through its various Courses of Hotel management. We began with a view to cater to the technical and professional requirements of the global hospitality industry. It began with a handful of students. The scope of the Indian hospitality industry continues to expand at a dynamic pace. Today the industry contributes invaluably to the Indian economy by creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and by being one of the highest revenue churner in foreign exchange for the country.
The hospitality & management industry in India is booming & will play a vital role in Indian economy.


  • To produce students with great knowledge and skills, to lay the foundation for growth in various sectors of the industry who are qualified in day to day functioning .
  • Through intensive training we make it possible for man power to adapt to rapid changes in the industry.

  • Beside classroom & practical learning the course will also include familiarization programs in Hotels, industrial canteen, maritime and offshore catering.

Vision & Mission

An optimistic commitment and an action of the studentsto lead towards success through holistic education.

To provide the youth with the right direction and employ them to heighten their quality and give the best service.