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Why Opt for Hotel Operation Management Course from SBSIHM?

The Diploma in Hotel Operations is a reputed course from SBSIHM with a focus on imparting in-depth knowledge and advanced practical skills in the core areas of hotel operations.  Our hotel operations management course trains you in the fundamental areas of hotel operations. These include Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping Management, Front Office Management, and Kitchen Operation Management along with specialization in any one of them. 

Our Students Placed At:

With our diploma in hotel operations course, you get core competency and advanced practical and technical skills in hotel operations management. This course prepares you to take on and resolve any hotel operations issues and challenges and come out as a winner. A wide range of career opportunities opens for you in the hotel operations sector both in the domestic and international markets. 

Why Opt for Hotel Operation Management Course from SBSIHM?

SBS Institute of Hotel Management offers the one of its kind Diploma in Hotel Operation Management course. It is a two-year program affiliated with the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education Examination. (MSBVEE). This diploma course aims to make the students experts in basic areas of Hotel Operation Management and Hospitality. It strives on imparting core competency and practical skills through advanced study and training in the areas of Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping Management, Front Office Management, and Kitchen Operation Management. Moreover, at course completion, students will get the opportunity to specialize in any one of these subjects of their preference. This course seeks to make students develop the essential operational and technical skills for a successful career in the Hospitality sector.

Career Opportunities After Course Completion

SBSIHM’s Hotel Operation Management Course is a 2-year comprehensive program that offers tremendous career opportunities in hotel operations management and related domains. Our course shapes you into a highly trained and well-versed professional with expertise in hospitality and operational management. This transforms you into a valuable asset that will quickly assimilate and thrive in the competitive hospitality sector as well as eager to make a mark as an entrepreneur. 


Our dedicated placement team and extensive industry connections open a world of opportunities for you across hotels & hospitality chains, the retail industry, cruise liners, the food services industry, and luxury segments among others. 

FAQs Related to Diploma in Hotel Operations Courses From SBSIHM

A course in Hotel Management comprises an area of study that covers a wide range of topics in the hospitality industry. These topics cover the operations and all other aspects of the hotel industry. Our hotel management course in Mumbai is a top-ranked diploma hospitality course. It is a combination of theoretical knowledge with practical experience that covers all the areas of Hospitality Management in its entirety. 

Our Diploma in Hotel Management in Mumbai course prepares our students for an exciting career in hotel management including working as a hotel manager. A hotel manager is the one responsible to maintain the standards of service and provide facilities to guests. A hotel manager supervises the working of the housekeeping department, ensures that good quality food is offered to guests, and is also involved with the working of the banquet department.

The Hotel Management course teaches students the skills to effectively manage different responsibilities such as reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management, marketing, and many more such skills required to become a professional in the Hotel Management industry.

The diploma in Hotel Operations program from SBSIHM covers four major hotel operations management areas with specialization in any one of them. These are:


Food and Beverage Service

Housekeeping Management

Front Office Management and,

Kitchen Operation Management

Our Diploma in Hotel Operations course aims to make the students experts in basic areas of Hotel Operation Management and Hospitality. It strives on imparting core competency and practical skills through advanced study and training in the areas of Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping Management, Front Office Management, and Kitchen Operation Management.

We offer 5 different courses related to the hospitality sector that covers all its major areas. 


B.Sc. in hospitality management is the degree course offered by the SBS Institute of Hotel Management. It is an all-inclusive course offering food, beverage, and accommodation management along with general management. 


The four diploma courses offered by the SBS Institute of Hotel Management include the Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, 

Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Diploma in Hotel Operations, and the flagship Diploma in Hotel Management Course. Our diploma courses in hospitality management integrate a competitive and practical learning environment. This we achieve through a comprehensive curriculum consisting of high-quality teaching by industry experts, valuable industry inputs, and myriad extracurricular activities.

Hospitality management is a very broad field that involves overseeing the day-to-day operations within the hospitality industry. These operations may vary in nature depending upon the operational, commercial, or administrative sector of the hospitality industry. On the other hand, Hotel Management specifically deals with all operations within the Hotel.

Hotel management courses offered by the SBS Hotel Management Institute in Mumbai are top quality, the best in the industry, and easy to learn. Enroll in our flagship diploma hotel management course in Mumbai to learn all about Hospitality and Hotel Management. You can also specialize in different aspects of Hotel Management with other quality degrees, diplomas, and certificate courses from the SBS Hotel Management Institute in Mumbai.

A quality course in hotel management like the diploma in hotel management from SBS Hotel Management Institute in Mumbai offers a wide range of career choices after course completion. Some of the career options after the Hotel Management course are Hotel Manager, Catering Manager, Cabin Crew, and Airline Catering, Shipping Catering, Cruise Hotel Management, in Tourism and Travel Industry, Food and Beverage services, and as an entrepreneur among many more.


All of the different fields of hotel management are exciting and offer tremendous growth and career satisfaction. Some of the best fields and careers in Hotel Management are Event manager, Travel manager, Sommelier, Restaurant manager, Hotel general manager, Executive chef, and Casino Director.

Yes, Hotel Management is one of the most popular career choices in India. This is because career opportunities after the hotel management diploma course and other hospitality courses from SBS hotel management institute in Mumbai are limitless. You get lucrative and well-paying opportunities in the domestic as well as the international hospitality sector. All these factors make the hotel management field a good career choice for the eager and ambitious youth of today. 

A fresher with a certificate and specialized area wise diploma in hospitality can earn somewhere around Rs.12000 to Rs.15000 per month. And for a candidate with a degree or diploma in hotel management, the initial salary could be anything around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. And this is just the starting salary, with experience, your salary is going to increase exponentially in the future.



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MH. State Board of Voc. Education Examination ( MSBVEE) (Mulund)