In-depth practical training on different aspects of hospitality management 

internship and placement

State-of-the-art infrastructure, resources, and facilities for students

Industry and job- oriented curriculum to avail of multiple career choices

About the B.Sc. Hospitality Management Program:

SBS Institute offers the top-rated degree course of B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. It is an all-inclusive course offering food, beverage, and accommodation management along with general management. This course provides ample hands-on learning opportunities for students to gain knowledge and acquire the necessary skills required for a successful career in Hotel Management. Our students get practical training in laboratories that teach how to facilitate the functioning of the core departments of Food and Beverages, Production and Management, Catering Operations, and General Management among other hotel management specialisations. Ranked as one of the best Hospitality Courses in Mumbai, the syllabus under this course include various specifications such as Food Production, Housekeeping, Principles of Hotel Accounting, Food Safety, and Nutrition. Our B.Sc. hotel management course is designed to offer the most essential and vital hotel management skills from the best trainers in the field. These skills and practical knowledge help our students be the best and excel in the hospitality sector. 


A BSc Hospitality Management from SBSIHM will provide you with access to the best infrastructure and learning facilities so that you can master all the relevant skills required to become a professional in the field. A group of highly experienced trainers will guide you through a comprehensive 3-year program of BSc Hospitality Management that will equip you with in-depth, practical knowledge on all essential areas of the hospitality industry.

Why Opt for BSC Hospitality Management Program from SBSIHM?

SBSHIM is one of the most reputed institutes offering a BSc Hospitality Management that is designed by industry experts. It comprises a well-rounded and comprehensive curriculum that is supplemented with a practical approach through various infrastructural facilities, including a rich library, a basic training kitchen, a bulk training kitchen, a bakery and confection kitchen, a training restaurant and bar, a housekeeping department, and more. A highly qualified faculty provides industry-based training and intensive guidance throughout your BSc Hospitality Management program. Become a skilled professional in the hospitality sector with a BSc Hospitality Management from SBSIHM now!


Career Opportunities After B.SC Hospitality Management From SBSIHM

The most notable feature about the BSc Hospitality Management program from SBSIHM is the offering of 100% placement assistance through mock interviews, resume building and a masterclass on interview etiquettes. Hospitality Management is a booming industry with tremendous career opportunities available, ranging from Accommodation Manager, Catering Manager, Event Manager, Chef, Front Office Manager, Director of Operations, Guest Relations Manager, etc. Graduating from the BSc Hospitality Management program will open all such doors for you and transform you into a highly skilled, career-ready professional in the industry. Get access to internship and placement opportunities by pursuing a BSc Hospitality Management from SBSIHM now!



Yashwant Rao Chauhan Open University (YCMOU)


Kavikalidas University (KKU) (Nagpur)


MH. State Board of Voc. Education Examination ( MSBVEE) (Mulund)


The BSc Hospitality program offered by SBSIHM is affiliated with Mumbai University. It is a well-designed 3-year degree program with a curriculum and learning pace that is aimed to suit every student’s individual needs. The minimum eligibility to enroll for a BSc Hospitality at SBSIHM is 12th or HSC. Anyone with an interest and inclination towards the hospitality sector can sign up for this program and learn from a group of highly experienced trainers. With the help of advanced infrastructural facilities, students are guided on relevant subjects and equipped with core industry skills right from scratch.

FAQs Related to B.Sc Hospitality Program in Mumbai

A B.Sc Hospitality degree is an undergraduate program that prepares students for a career in the hospitality industry. It covers topics such as food and beverage management, hotel operations, tourism, and event management.

After completing a B.Sc Hospitality degree, graduates can pursue a career in various sectors such as hotels, restaurants, event management companies, travel agencies, and tourism boards. Some of the job roles available to graduates include hotel manager, restaurant manager, event planner, tour operator, and hospitality consultant.


To excel in the hospitality industry, candidates must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be able to multitask, have a strong attention to detail, be customer-focused, and possess good problem-solving skills.


The duration of a B.Sc Hospitality degree is typically three years, which is divided into six semesters.


The salary range for graduates with a B.Sc Hospitality degree may vary depending on the job role and industry. However, on average, graduates can expect to earn between INR 3-7 lakh per annum at the entry-level.

After completing a B.Sc Hospitality degree, graduates can pursue higher education in various fields such as hotel management, tourism, and event management. Some of the popular courses for higher education include MBA in Hospitality Management, M.Sc in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management.

SBS offers a top-rated B.Sc. in hospitality and hotel administration that is an all-inclusive degree course containing subjects like food, beverage, and accommodation management along with general management. 


Our BSC Hospitality Management program is the perfect coming together of theory and practical knowledge that includes in-depth laboratory work. This prepares you to handle any of the core departments of hotel administration with ease and finesse

If you are looking for a comprehensive degree program, then a BSc Hospitality Management from SBSIHM in Mumbai is the best option for you!

The only criteria is that you must have passed your 12th grade or HSC in order to enrol for BSc Hospitality Management at SBSIHM.

India has transformed into a booming tourism and service industry in the past few years, and is set to grow on this path in the future as well. This has led to an increase in demand for skilled professionals in the hospitality sector. A BSc Hospitality Management from SBSIHM can equip you with the right skills and help you plummet your caree

The BSc Hospitality Management offered by SBSIHM is an intensive 3-year long program with a comprehensive curriculum taught by expert faculty. Not only does SBSIHM provide the best infrastructure and learning facilities, but it also aids you with practical training and 100% placement assistance!

A plethora of career opportunities and avenues open up for students graduating from SBSIHM with a BSc Hospitality Management. Some of these include: Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Hospitality Consultant, Event Manager, Group Regional Manager, Front Office Supervisor, Division Manager, Culinary Director, etc.

If you are someone with an inclination towards working in the service and hospitality industry and possess good communication skills, then a BSc hospitality management is just what you need! It is an interesting, hands-on discipline that requires a lot of practical skills that you can acquire from SBSIHM, the best hotel management institute in Mumbai.